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This “Blog” is my journey into planet Digital.

Blog it’s an odd little word that sounds strange and reminds me of something stuck in the mud that can’t be moved. Stagnant without personality, but here I am creating a “Blog”. Blog and it rhymes with Bog which is a very Irish word maybe that’s the reason I’m struggling to “get into the word “Blog” I picked many a sod of turf in the original “Bog” in my childhood and here I am now creating a Blog.

Its exciting learning something new and getting to grips with all this new digital jargon that’s invaded the commercial landscape.  I can hardly believe I am blogging I almost have to pinch myself. The journey should be great fun over the coming months as I come to understand all these new ways of communicating. I hope to share my experiences along this new path as I take my first steps into the digital landscape with my new blog.

How many bloggers are out there?

According to NM Incite, “overall, 6.7 million people publish blogs on blogging websites, and another 12 million write blogs using their social network.” The same source states that they tracked over 181 million different blogs by the end of 2011. WordPress indicates that there are about 500,000 new blog posts each day on its WordPress sponsored sites alone

A Blog, what is it? 

A “Blog” is anything you want it to be. I like the term “a memo to the world” which is used in the link attached.   https://www.blogger.com/tour_start.g

We don’t really write letters anymore we write to a place called the internet where we talk electronically to each other and search for information from “Mr Google”. Why am I going to click the button labeled blog when I log unto a website? Visit the Irish Blog awards to see great examaples of how to use a blog in your business or everyday life. www.blogawardsireland.com     http://blog.donneganlandscaping.com   

I think for a corporate organization or large company a blog enables a company to talk to its customers using informal language. Sites have so much information now how can you captivate your audience with a Blog. I think a blog needs to be integrated into a website so that a customer searching a site enters into a blog without realising and is then captured by the website and content contained within the site. RedFly marketing is a great example of integrating A BLOG into a website. Their website is a lovely design that captures an audience into a Blog in a very effective way.

RedFly Marketing – Complete Online Marketing Solutions

The tutor in college mentioned using your audience to click on a blog to access information for a specific reason. I like the idea of directing traffic to a blog for a specific purpose, it makes sense if you are keen to promote and share important information and add value to a product or service or if you are just sharing your expertise on a specific subject by using an informal method of communicating. 

A personal blog makes sense if you are trying to connect with people with a similar interest, hobby or past time which relates to so many interesting subjects from star-gazing to creating a garden shed. Sharing common information can be of mutual benefit to lots of people from many different backgrounds. Using a blog as a platform relating to a specific subject is a great way to share your expertise and experience on a specialist subject .

I think the best thing about blogging is you don’t have to be Michelangelo. Just follow a couple of steps and create your own personalised “Blog Space ” for FREE.  http://wordpress.com/ 

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