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Twittering across the Earth

The T’internet

Twittering online., I love birds and I love the word twitter its cute and in 7 letters someone has imaginatively created a talking online planet. I have listened to talking birds for a lifetime and twitter takes a lovely idea and translates it into our lives in a creative way.

I have to be honest I’m not a “Twitter Bird” yet and I struggled to see a value in all these alternative new ways of communicating online but I hope when my learning journey ends in May 2013 I will be a new digital expert surfing, tweeting, blogging and using Facebook like crazy. When we learn how to use something correctly we can then develop creative ideas to showcase it effectively. Talking to Fergus in one of my classes ignited my interest in Twitter especially when he talked about using twitter as an interactive tool while watching TV.

I became interested when he mentioned Vincent Brown in his current affairs program on TV3 and how people where using twitter to engage with the program. I could see the relevance in viewers being able to participate in a live debate while watching their favourite programs from their couch and I could see that twitter had a value as a platform for something more than trivia. It is early days but I was converted a little while speaking with Fergus and I hope to see how Digital marketing can be used effectively in the current economic climate and in imaginative fun ways that break boundaries. I look forward to developing Twitter more over the months ahead. To see some great Twitter examples Read more ………

Test & Measure

Test & Measure

Click the measuring tape to see more info on Web Metrics

Don’t forget to try Tweetdeck 


If you want something different take a look at a new social media management tool called


Hopefully over the coming months I will discover how new technology can be used creatively to 
achieve something original, exciting and different for a greater good and in practical ways that 
benefit individuals and businesses alike.

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