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Minimalist Movie Poster: Black Swan: Burberry Kisses:

Poster Annual 2015 - Graphis: .:

I found this poster, and think that it has been made so well. It is so simple yet the fine lines at an angle and straight give such an interesting effect of rain, or a bad thunderstorm the plain has just come out of.very creative. This is a good interpretation of "painting the town red". I love how they too the bristles and made them into a city figuere. This brush against the dark gray background really pops out and gives the image a nice night time feel. I also really like how they added a touch of the night sky above the city. It really helps give away what the artist is trying to say.:

Is it History?

Nicolas Carlson

I read an article recently by Nicolas Carlson that was fascinating. “Computers have been getting smaller and closer to our faces since their very beginning. First they were in big rooms, then they sat on desktops, then they sat on our laps, and now they are in our palms.  Next they will be in our faces”. (Eventually they’ll be in our brains). By the way, you can bet that if Microsoft and Google are working on computerized glasses,  so is Apple and Jony Ive.   And that’s pretty exciting.

I am trying to imagine people all over the world walking down their main streets wearing high-tech glasses constantly tuned into the digital world around them. It is a fashion accessory with a difference. I am not sure CoCo Chanel would approve.  Is technology taking us to other places. Lets take the new Smartphone and iPhone off Santa’s list this year I think future technology is going to change our love for our little mobile friend.

Here’s the patent illustration from Microsoft:

The Future

revolution 3

revolution design

The Past

desktop image laptop

ipad colours

iphone image


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