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Guinness’ Storehouse International Digital Expansion by Srdjan Toljagic

The Guinness Storehouse is Ireland’s number 1 tourist attraction, so Guinness foresaw what was needed to be done in order to expand it beyond its national borders. Digitalization.

The brand transformed their fourth floor of the seven story building into the “Guinness Global” – a highly interactive space featuring the world’s largest high-definition interactive screen and iPad devices. Visitors can interact with the huge high-def screen through the devices, connect to the brand on Facebook and more.

I have never tried a pint of the black stuff myself as I am not a big drinker but the Guinness Storehouse for anyone visiting Ireland is a must see. It is imaginative and the oval bar gives you a 360 degree view of Dublin city.

Guinness Storehouse 3D Image from guinness-storehouse.com

This is just phase one of Guinness’ €10 million investment in recreating the visitor experience of the Storehouse which will last 3 more years, according to Lisa Fitzsimons, marketing manager at Guinness Storehouse.

guinness-stout-pint-beer-metalPaul Carty, Managing Director of the Guinness Storehouse commented “we’re delighted to officially unveil our exciting and innovative new 4th floor which has created a new benchmark for physical and digital experiences at the Home of Guinness. The developments at the Guinness Storehouse over the next 3 years will allow us ‘future proof’ the building to accommodate our growing visitor numbers while also enhancing the overall experience

The fourth floor is packed with promotion – besides the digital, there is product promotion through exclusive tasting sessions of Guinness’ four main variants: Guinness Draft, Guinness Original, Foreign Extra Stout and Guinness Black Lager.

Big company, big ventures, smart ideas. Need more?
I think not. Oh, oh, and of course, Guinness.

oval barimagesguinness gate


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