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Making Love Hearts

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graffiti heartlandscape heart

frozen heart

fishing heart

loving bookshearts in the beach


The heart is the universal symbol of Love.

It is used continuously in lots of different ways, advertising photography and film, to communicate a message from one heart to another . It is a very powerful symbol with lots of dimensions. The word Love is so much more than just four little letters and as you grow from one year to the next the real meaning deepens and it becomes something very profound. Someone told me recently that when you get married it is the most important decision of your life. A special love is hard to find and true love is not disposable or easily discarded and it is better not to play with the little word that means so much in real life. Ultimately there are different types of Love. It exists in ordinary places and it is not dictated by money. The song is “Love is all around ” and it can’t be labelled as just one thing. I think if you can just make someone smile that’s Love.

What is Love to you?

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