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The Art of Typography

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Sweet_Typography_by_ZeroComradeAs a child we struggled to put a word or two together . I kept notebooks of my nieces first words and I noticed recently that her little sister is saying exactly the same things. I am sure many parents have lots of stories relating to their childs first words.

Learning to talk was a funny journey for all of us as we stumbled our way into the English language. I am still trying to get to grips with the basics. It was a long road in the classroom before we could string a sentence together.We are surrounded by words daily, they can hurt, defend and help us communicate our wants and needs. It is fascinating how letters can be used in typography to make words and images come alive. Creativity is wonderful when it excites and communicates imaginatively in so many different ways in order to engage with its audience. Typography can deliver a message with incredible simplicity. The ordinary can look extraordinary and we often say why did I not think of that?  When an image speaks beyond its original message the viewer has more than connected with the visual content.


Every day we see many uses of typography in advertising. It is a very powerful tool. The really good ads stay with us for a long time and the bad ones we forget very quickly. With digital technology words are now more important than ever before because the consumer can now destroy a brand with the click of a button on Facebook and Twitter. Words connect people to an image and to life itself. Clever typography is unforgettable and if you would like to see more examples visit my Facebook Page.





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