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Human ToysHuman “Digital Toys” in the digital world. Facebook said the average user has 130 friends but that should expand. I think I need to know the definition of a friend because there is an old Chinese proverb that says if you find one true friend in your lifetime you will be very lucky and I guess most people marry that person. I guess your way below average and possibly not “cool” if you don’t have 130 friends. No pressure to be popular !

Just keep adding numbers until you get to the average regardless of who you allow access to your profile.


In the past it was “bullying” in the playground now its bullying in cyber space using this new clever interactive tool called Facebook. The most recent tragic case in Donegal at the weekend lead to the tragic suicide of a 13-year-old girl. Life is precious and Cyber bullying has to be stopped. With all our advancements in technology we should have measures in place that prevent people using the internet ie. Facebook in a distrustful manner to target or destroy another persons life. We need the internet police. Making money with no conscience is not making money its being irresponsible.

Facebook maybe extremely popular with 500 million users but it doesn’t make itself immune when it’s misused for harmful distrustful reasons. Will the novelty of Facebook wear off eventually? Hopefully the obsession will subside at some stage and people will remember the real art of communicating with each other “Face to Face”.

57% of people talk to people more online than they do in real life. Where is the heart of a real human being in this new modern way of communicating. It must be only in love songs that we like to hear the sound of our name or the sound of someones voice. It reveals a lot about society when we seem to be hiding in cyber space and using artificial methods of talking. Whats really going on in the real world when this is the prefered method of talking to each other? Is Technology reshaping society? Are we happier because we have this new brand of talking?

NEW YORK- MAY 18: Sign announcing Facebook IPO is flashed on a screen outside the NASDAQ stock exchange at the opening bell in Times Square on May 18, 2012 in New York City.

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