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Content Development from the experts

Most websites can benefit from content development. In fact, very few sites can be put up on the Web and then ignored. They start to look neglected tired and boring and your customers stop coming back. But another reason customers stop coming is because you aren’t carrying the information that they want and need. This is where your metrics come in.

Login to Google Analytics-Click on the Content menu item, and from there the “Top Content”.  These are the pages that get the most page views on your site.

Take a good look at this list and ask yourself:

  • When was the last time these pages were edited or even looked at by you?
  • Can you swear, without looking at the pages, that the content on them is still correct?
  • Are any of these pages surprising

The first two questions should offer obvious content suggestions. If you haven’t edited or looked at these pages in a while, you should. And if you’re swearing that the content is all correct, then you should definitely take a look at the page. Make sure there’s nothing wrong with them.

call to actionThen, when you’re looking at the pages, start thinking about what’s missing from them. Do they include a call to action  if you’re selling something ? Do they provide links to other content on your site? Can they be improved or can more pages be written to support these popular pages? What can you do to improve these pages?

A goal conversion is registered once a visitor completes a desired action on your site, such as a registration or download. Think carefully and tactically before you jump into any online activity and you will find all the answers at your finger tips

Key Questions/Points and Tips
Design & Usability
•What is the geographical location of your audience, which browser did they use, screen resolution, language etc.
•Data is extremely useful for designing for your audience
•If most of your users are on 1280 screen resolutions = design is compatible with that resolution (or smaller).
•How do your users interact with your site’s content
•What percent of users clicked on which link on your site
•The stats will help you work your content around your users or highlight/scrap sections that are not working
•Increase in website traffic (impressions and unique users)
•Brand awareness – (look at keywords)
•How are paid advertising working -(look at Google “paid” stats)
•Which of your social media channels refers the most traffic -(referral traffic)
•Newsletter -(sign up form)
•Traffic to a FAQ page. (% change month on month)
•Content -( Most popular = video)
•Download a PDF -(set up a goal on the download page)
•Fill out a “request a call back” form- (set up a goal on the form page)
Test & Measure

Click the measuring tape to see more info on Web Metrics

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