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What is an Ezine?

An Ezine is a newsletter that is delivered via email that you can subscribe or opt-in to it. Email delivery frequencies range from multiple times per day which is never recommended, to daily or multiple times per week to weekly or bi-weekly, monthly, quarter or any periodic delivery schedule. Some of the best ezines are delivered daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Any ezine that does not require confirmation or a subscription process is spam (unsolicited commercial email). What an ezine is not: Web-based only. While it is true that you can put an ezine on the web and you should do that, if your ezine is only available on the web, then it is classed as a webzine . An ezine usually will come in a plain ASCII text format or via a rich HTML format or allow both formats via an auto email client detection strategy called MIME/Multipart.

Why do people publish ezines? It’s a critical business tool to develop relationships within your niche, to keep in contact with your clients or members, build your credibility or perceived expertise in the marketplace and drive leads, sales and/or revenue by selling products/services or advertising along-side quality original content.call to action 2

Success begins with inspiration and this is a great example of an “Ezine” I received in my inbox recently for an exhibition in Frankfurt in Germany.The Ezine is imaginative and eye-catching and it grabs your attention. I really think it’s very effective for reminding a potential customer of an event, product or service. This Ezine is part of a series that were emailed in October, November and December to prospective business visitors/customers in three stages before Christmas as a reminder of this key event in Frankfurt. It is a Business to Business example that includes a terrific Blog listed in the content which is well worth a visit.http://blog.paperworld.messefrankfurt.com/

mailchimpIf you would like to create your own Ezine visit Monkey Chimp. Draft a newsletter and see how effective it is at delivering key messages and driving new business your way. We all subscribe to newsletters that are relevent to our lives. Living in such a fast paced world we need to get a reminder for a brand or service via email. A strong Ezine will make you stop and take notice of the content.Paper is a passion of mine having worked as a marketing manager in the Paper Industry for twelve years so I really appreciated this Ezine when it popped up in my email.

I love Paper and this Ezine grabbed my attention, newsletters are a great way to build relationships with customers. Keep it short and sweet and use Monkey Chimp to draw attention to a key event, brand or offer that you are keen to promote. Fill paper with the breathings of your heart (William Wordsworth)

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