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Facebook or American Idol

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Few people realize that Facebook plays at all points in the conversion funnel


The cost of a Facebook Sponsored Story: 125m social media impressions ‘worth 2 American Idol TV commercials’

Most people think simplistically that Facebook is just display advertising with social elements, and that Google is for conversion. It is true that Google is primarily demand “harvesting” and that Facebook is more towards demand “generation” but Facebook is much more because as you can see from the graph it ticks all the boxes in the marketing mix, Action, Desire, Interest and Awareness. A companies  biggest asset is its database of customers and Facebook can help you grow your contact pool amongst other things in that very important marketing mix. Our new love of “Digital” technology is opening new doors to market your product.
facebook logofacebook logofacebook logofacebook logo
Facebook_Fish_300x296Using information to create an Ezine campaign can take your Facebook likes to a new level converting your new audience of fans into loyal supporters of your brand or service. How you use information and metrics is the key to your success in business. Even bad metrics are a good thing because it helps you to identify quickly what has to be changed and what needs your urgent attention. Fishing on Facebook has the potential to gain you a great catch. The bigger question is what do you do with your catch and how do you turn your net into something bigger for your brand. If you strategically plan and target your audience correctly you will achieve your desired result with some planning and good execution. Read more……..


Test & Measure 

Test & Measure

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