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cover slips, trips & falls

The world has changed for up and coming talented young writers. They now have a new platform to launch their writing careers and that’s the “Digital” path. This new option is making great young talent accessible to a much larger audience. My friend has launched his new book which is available via amazon why not check it out.  I am sure you will agree that the cover is intriguing and once you have tasted something a little different you will never forget the name Martin J Foran . He is a great guy who happens to be a very gifted writer. Check it out on Amazon.

Liberal-minded males and females aged 25 to 55 with an ability to laugh at life’s quirks and foibles and who enjoy character-driven stories and good, old-fashioned well-plotted tales that are well-crafted and delivered with a thick slice of dark comedy. Is that you, do you fit that “Persona” if so this book is for you. Take a look….

Helping New Talent Grow


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