Digital Media

If Time Is All I have

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Digital takes up a lot our recreational time now. We spend a huge amount of our day on social media sites searching endless amounts of irrelevant material that has no importance in relation to the real concerns that surround our lives. We share and tell each other unnecessary information in our quest to be popular or to feed our desire to feel wanted.

We constantly text and talk to each other at any time of the day or night married to our mobile phones. Welcome to the new talking world. Look at Tweetping and you can see the new heartbeat of planet digital . Perhaps eventually we will develop a digital code of conduct at the end of this yellow brick road we have built around our lives to satisfy all our whims.

When trends and fashions and fads take over our lives the excitement of it all takes on a different dimension, someone taps into a niche area and turns it into a popular social media den overnight. After all the madness wears off and a sense of normality gently surfaces the waves of change will find a new rhythm.

If we learn to use technology for good and to help each other than the dynamic that has driven change becomes a vehicle for a positive reason.  Digital becomes a real friend in our lives, something tangible that can have a positive influence as we move into the future.


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