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Syria’s reality: 150,000 corpses, skeletal children and nine million displaced Words such as ‘war-torn’ and ‘chaos’ fail to detail the scale of Syrian misery four years on

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Statistics paint a tragic Picture

Far From Home

I have a Name


Back to School in September


Don’t forget I have a heart living in a Man’s war


The extreme “Power” of new technolgy to record details in real time

Mideast Syria




A girl stands on debris next to a damaged building at a besieged area of Homs

War is not a Playground





The work of Catholic charities is “a faithful expression of God’s love for his children who find themselves in situations of oppression and anguish,” the pope said. “God hears their cries, knows the sufferings and wants to free them.”

Pope Francis praised the Catholic charities for lending God “your hands and your abilities” in order to help “all the victims of the war without distinction of ethnicity, religion or social group.”

Once again, Pope Francis pleaded with the warring parties to guarantee emergency humanitarian assistance, to put down their weapons and make a commitment to dialogue.

Vatican City May plea by Pope Francis

Now it’s  nearly September

What happens next ?

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