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Monday 15th September, GUINNESS unveiled a TV ad filmed in and around St. James’s Gate, Dublin. The ad will air for the first time today across Ireland and the UK.


Narrated by Irish actor Cillian Murphy (BBC2’s Peaky Blinders and Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy), the advert begins just after dawn as we follow Peter Simpson, a young brewer cycling to work through the streets of Dublin. It’s not until he dismounts his bike to open a huge set of gates that the viewer realises the ad is for GUINNESS – and Simpson’s destination is the St. James’s Gate brewery.

After he enters the brewery, the ad progresses to give us glimpses into life inside the gates and the people behind the beer. St. James’s Gate has been home to some of the best and brightest brewers since the dawn of the industrial revolution, yet before now, its inner workings have rarely been seen by the outside world. In the ad, viewers will see brewers at work- deeply engaged in the daily pursuits of creating one of the world’s most legendary beers. The ad also features Eugene Ryan, a farmer whose family has been supplying GUINNESS with Irish barley for three generations.

There are no actors, just real people finding ways to do what they do better – improving how they make existing beer and experimenting with various ingredients and processes to create new ones. The ad includes rare footage from GUINNESS’ smaller test brewery, where a small group of experimental brewers, including Simpson, create small batches of beer, singlehandedly exploring new beers, one iteration at a time.

‘St. James’s Gate is a community of people driven by a passion for brewing and advancing the high bar set by previous brewers over two centuries ago’, said Stephen O’Kelly, Marketing Director for GUINNESS, Western Europe. ‘We’re proud of our past achievements and we’re excited about those to come. We felt it was time to open the gates and let the world see the people who make our beer special.’

‘Gates’ was directed by award-winning, filmmaker, Philip Montgomery, of LA-based Anonymous Content. “Much of my filmmaking is about seeking, capturing and expressing things that are real and true”, commented Montgomery. “It was a fantastic opportunity to do this behind the historic walls of St. James’s Gate. There, we had the opportunity to film nearly every inch of the brewery and get to know some of the great people who work there. It is a place where the past is still very much alive.”

The music track is ‘Grand Hotel’ by Alain Francois Bernard. It was chosen, explained O’Kelly because it feels ‘true to the story of the Brewery. The track begins with a sense of quiet determination and builds in intensity and emotion as more and more people work together with a shared sense of ambition – just like St. James’s Gate.’

The ad, which airs today for the first time, is part of the ‘In Pursuit of More series of mini-documentaries glimpsing the beer and the people behind it.


‘Gates’ will air on multi channels across the UK and Ireland until the end of October in the UK and the end of November in Ireland. It will be supported by outdoor and PR activation as well as a social and digital campaign taking a closer look at some of the people who are featured in the ad.


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