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A message for all to digest in response to the many protests in the US and the general unrest that exists in the World

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The media continue to feed anti Trump rhetoric in the wake of the recent election campaign in the US . They now need to take responsibility for the role they played in this campaign from the start . Failing to report an unbiased analysis has acted as a catalyst for hatred against one man Donald Trump. Why did the result shock the World ? Do we know who the real Donald Trump is and do we know who Hillary Clinton really represents? The media elected Hillary from the start and wrote Trump off as a buffoon or a clown . Now that so called “clown” is in the White House.

The media can’t stand on the sidelines cherry picking what they want to report . They behaved appallingly all through the election and the result says a lot more about Hillary, the Democrats and Barack Obama than it does in relation to Donald Trump.

We all have a duty and a responsibility in light of Brexit and the US election to act with dignity and intelligence respecting each other and above all we need to remember that hatred and violence are not solutions there are other ways to use your voice.






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