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6 Days to Christmas – Aleppo in Pictures – The World Wears Black Sunglasses while a city dies-

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Approximate travel time from Dublin, Ireland to Aleppo, Syria is: 4 hrs, 57 mins

523939-al-sakhour-syria-aleppo-reuters 268qljqasc11fa998182840f2346-3726662-a_syrian_man_carries_a_child_who_was_retrieved_under_the_rubble_-a-15_1470501073954

Homeless and helpless

_89556349_89556345 _74559201_b3982d3b-1a8c-43d7-b4f0-b6d0f4fc0830 2015-06-21t131116z1405909857gf10000135044rtrmadp3mideast-crisis-syria 3793c44000000578-3695902-rescue_workers_and_devastated_civilians_dug_through_the_rubble_o-a-81_1472141337932 7372500-3x2-700x467

Modern Heroes save the innocent victims

364064834 aleppo-syria

A city reduced to ash, lives destroyed

Children are human targets

aleppo-abandoned-ghost-town-2 syria-aleppo-boy-500x245,

Where is my mother , father , sister , brother

Where is my HOME ?

[ObjectName]=TOPSHOT-SYRIA-CONFLICT [Urgency]=1 [Category]=WAR [DateCreated]=101242+0000 [OriginalTransmissionReference]=g2mapping/libg2 2.12.19 [Byline]=AFP [BylineTitle]=STR [City]=Aleppo [CountryCode]=SYR [CountryName]=Syria [Credit]=AFP [Source]=AFP [Caption]=TOPSHOT - Syrian men carry a body on a stretcher amid the rubble of destroyed buildings following a reported air strike on the rebel-held neighbourhood of Al-Qatarji in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, on April 29, 2016. Fresh bombardment shook Syria's second city Aleppo, severely damaging a local clinic as outrage grows over an earlier air strike that destroyed a hospital. The northern city has been battered by a week of air strikes, rocket fire, and shelling, leaving more than 200 civilians dead across the metropolis. The renewed violence has all but collapsed a fragile ceasefire deal that had brought an unprecedented lull in fighting since February 27. / AFP PHOTO / AMEER ALHALBI

img-tiz-51070 aleppo_3565980b siria_-_situazione_aleppo cyigplxxaau3jfe

What type of man could do this to children


Is this really happening in the 21st Century do we think this is acceptable

Reducing a city to rubble is a solution in a modern forward thinking world











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