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Over 100,000 people marched down O’Connell St to Save the 8th Amendment

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Remove the 8th Amendment and the baby in the womb will be stripped of all protection.

Over 100,000 Irish Citizens gave the baby their hands and their feet.

On the 10.03.2018 the baby in the womb was given a voice in Dublin city centre

If the 8th Amendment goes, we will have lost our sovereign right to vote on abortion ever again, and we are handing the decision making to politicians.

Do you trust politicians??

Remember Abortion is a business

Politicians can’t be trusted in my opinion they use the Pro – Life ticket to get a seat in Dail Eireann and then jump ship depending on the fashion or the mood of the day

I live in an Ireland for all

Sinne Fianna Fail includes the baby in the womb of it’s mother perfect and imperfect

Protect mother and baby equally Save the 8th



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