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This has to be the most disgusting tasteless award I have ever seen. Catherine Noone tell me where the aborted babies will be buried???

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Catherine Noone when you are finished celebrating ending the life of a tiny defenceless baby in the womb , who is too small to defend itself can you please tell me where the aborted babies will be buried? When did ending the life of a baby in the womb become a consumer brand to be bought and sold by Tatler? This has to be the most disgusting tasteless award I have ever seen. How did Ireland slip from normality to this insanity?  When did we lose our standards, values and moral compass? I can clearly see just how low Tatler a publishing house will go to achieve revenue but this new modern hip trendy Ireland that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing is  an Ireland I’m ashamed of , this behaviour is not normal it’s sick. It shows me one thing and one thing only When you don’t respect life you respect NOTHING.

On behalf of the baby in the womb who is now on death row as our incompetent minister for health introduces abortion into Ireland I think your award is SICK and twisted.  This government is the first government in the history of the state to allocate a budget to murder babies in the womb. Ireland now has wholesale abortion on every street corner. Congratulations I think the celebrations will be short lived when the true horror of abortion unveils itself because the truth is abortion is a business.  The media Censorship around the  Kermit Gosnell movie speaks volumes when they don’t want you to see the TRUTH you have to ask yourself what are they hiding ????????

Abortion is murder when did it become commercial ????

These Women of the Year should have been handed a shovel to bury the dead aborted babies they campaigned to murder in the womb .

Pro Choice Ireland you got your wish while doctors and nurses who want nothing to do with abortion have been given NO CHOICE by Simon Harris the dictator. Now that’s some democracy???? But we all know how good Simon Harris is at his job,  women are in a graveyard right now and kids have no mother for Christmas . So while the waiting lists get longer 12 million with a 50 million cushion is now allocated for the murder of babies in the womb by the abortion party . Professor Alice Von Hildbrand said Hitler Never Died and that came true in Ireland on the 25th of May  2018 when my country voted for Eugenics.

FREE abortions are now available up to birth courtesy of our minister for health and the 1.4 million who voted YES.

Any brand or product that attempts to make money from the abortion referendum has blood on their hands.  When a young person dies from a botched abortion will Tatler give the political baby killer Catherine Noone an award? Can Catherine Noone confirm or deny if Leo Vardadkar took donations from the Pharma industry before or after the abortion referendum? Who did he meet in the private Hibernian Club??? The government funded media controlled the abortion message so on behalf of the baby in the womb……….. I’m on death row today because of your parties campaign Catherine Noone but your day will come ……………

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