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Grafton Street’s a Wonderland there’s magic in the air …………

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Images Brown Thomas Dublin Ireland

There’s diamonds in the ladies eyes and gold dust in her hair . A stroll down Grafton Street and it’s easy to get swept away with that Christmas feeling of warm cosy nights by the fire , hot drinks and stories to tell .  The countdown to Christmas is now in full swing everywhere I go so let’s enjoy a little sparkle as we step inside the magic of Winter!






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Guinness Brewers Project – Dublin in a Bottle and the West Indies sailing all the way home

Guinness once again prove that behind every great town lies great new recipes for beers.

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Dublin meets the West Indies



  A taste and a souvenir of “Dublin in a Bottle” for every Tourist who visits our city

I think these beers will prove hugely successful as they both have unique flavours that will add extra taste to our lives as a revolution in beer continues to sweep across Ireland.

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Guinness the association with Ireland and that feeling of Home is synonymous with the Black Stuff

This ad is very Arty if you take away the Guinness Logo it good be just a great painting what do you think?

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Guinness – New Ad Campaign Nigeria – Made of More

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16,636 people failed to attend their hospital appoinment in 2012 (Mater Hospital)


Waiting rooms


How many people have a mobile phone in Ireland?


The Hospital Environment

In an age where social media is the new flavour of the month we still have difficulty using technology effectively to communicate where time has a priceless value. We have no problem accessing Twitter, Facebook and other digital channels for frivolous reasons and we text and use the internet on our mobile phones 3/4 times a day but we are failing to use technology where it really counts.

Finding Digital Solutions While Embracing New Methods Of Technology Could Save Lives

16,636 people failed to attend their hospital appointment in 2012 (Mater Hospital)

Pinterest Helping To Drive Retail Tarffic

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