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Facebook or Fakebook Google or Content Censorship

We don’t need to worry about foreign interference in the Irish abortion referendum we have “Google” interference. It’s just a pity they don’t block the porn sites as quick . The Pro choice response to the Google decision was more telling then Micahel Martin’s smirk as he delivered his scripted speech on the 9 o clock news recently.

I’ve had a very interesting couple of months as I decided to engage in the digital debate re the current abortion referendum in Ireland. I’m nearly nine years on Facebook with the same Facebook account connected to two serious public community based Facebook pages with over 40,000 followers worldwide and my Facebook account was disabled on the 16th of April without any warning . I’m shocked and horrified at how easy it is to disable someones Facebook account .  Having appealed this action I’m four weeks waiting for an answer . I sent two inmails on LinkedIn to two senior people in Facebook and no one had the decency to respond even with a generic reply.
Pro choice advocates are stealing pro-life identities on Facebook and recreating repeal profiles and the digital antics are something else at the moment. This referendum has highlighted how exposed you are on Facebook and how easy it is to abuse a digital platform. I never would have set up community based Facebook pages if I had known how easy it is to disable another persons Facebook account . Having given Facebook a copy of my Father’s death certificate to prove that I am who I say I am my account is still disabled. Realistically a company with billions of users can’t give a real customer service it’s impossible. You will get an automated response with no human interaction as Facebook is a numbers game and a company with no heart or soul.
My Facebook experience over the last couple of months has left a very bad taste in my mouth.
My advice to all Facebook users is back up everything on your personal and professional pages. Facebook is a virtual reality. You own nothing! if you use Facebook for advertising create multiple administration users and multiple payment accounts .  Facebook has become Fakebook it’s too easy to disable an account and too easy to create an account .  I learned the hard way that social media platforms are not very “social” and a civilised society isn’t always civil !!
Did you know that up to 9000 pro-life voices have been blocked on Twitter.
I thought politicians were elected by the people for the people this statement clearly is untrue as our pro-choice government attempt to control the message and their abortion agenda by censoring the alternative view on their public Twitter accounts . All pro-choice politicians have “Pro life” voices blocked on their public Twitter accounts.
In summary there is no abortion debate we have a pro-choice government determined to use content censorship to “SELL” abortion to the electorate like a consumer brand .
It makes me feel physically sick that I live in a country that reduced the life of a baby to a vote in 2018. Abortion is about life or death it’s not an ad campaign or a poster campaign it’s quite disgusting to watch a baby’s life being ripped to shreds by the media and politicians on all levels . But then that sums up abortion .
Yes this referendum opened my eyes to a lot of things we live in an era with communist undertones whereby the media are complicit in driving political agendas “freedom of speech” is almost erased completely unless you agree with the political oxygen of the day.   Devise creative ways to fight the blockade as the ” Truth ” won’t be heard amidst the media noise .
I never liked politics and now I really, really dislike politicians. Some politicians have no integrity and Catholic pro-choice politicians who attend mass are making a complete fool of themselves. This governments deceitful PR stunts that are being used to sell their special brand of death care are despicable. Leo, Harris  and FG should be marched out of Dáil Éireann in light of the recent cervical scandals. The abortion referendum has bought this government some extra time but the game is over and the RED card is coming.   We don’t know how many women are a buried statistic and I hate to think what lies ahead if this pro-choice government get their way to introduce abortion on demand in Ireland.
The soil of our ancestors must be weeping in advance of the Irish Citizens these political baby killers sentenced to death with their fake citizens assembly . We live in an Ireland of two halves the people who live in reality and those who live on spin.
I’m Voting no to unrestricted abortion on demand for any reason and no to politicians with no integrity .
When a society is in pain the prescription is not Abortion
Save the 8th Cherish all children Equally