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Samsung – Handy Man

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The Handy Man From Samsung that went viral.

Back in 2011, Samsung made this viral video of JayFunk, a “finger tutting” wizard from Los Angelos, doing one of his eye-popping finger dances. The video was part of the introduction of the Galaxy S III phone, and was made by ad agency Heaven in Paris.

Since then, it has become the all-time most-shared ad on the web, according to Unruly Media’s viral ads chart for handset devices. Of the top 10 ads, six are from Samsung. Only one — for the introduction of Siri on iPhone 4s was by Apple .

I bet Samsung are really glad they caught a “Viral” in 2011 and I am sure their digital campaign on YouTube was a heavenly delight in the digital boardroom when the metrics where delivered. Samsung really know how to give “Apple” a run for their money? Samsung Galaxy S3 sales topped 30 million units,  just six months after its official launch in 2012 and I can’t wait to see what is around the corner for the “Mobile” kings of our lives as they battle it out in 2013. 

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