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Guinness New Ad Campaign

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“Made of More”

I really like the new Guinness ad campaign Made of More. The photography is stunning and the interplay between nature and the brand is just beautiful.


Using four extraordinary visuals shot by renowned photographer Nadav Kandar on location at the Olympic National Park, Washington State, the images reveal unique creatures which refusing to settle for the ordinary: a woodpecker has sculptured itself an elaborate home, a caterpillar has delicately nibbled out highly detailed scene in a leaf, and a spider has spun an intricate web depicting other insects to tempt its prey. A fourth poster shows a swarm of fireflies that have come together to make the shape of a beautiful chandelier on an overhanging branch.

It is not your typical ad campaign and it demands a little bit more from the viewer, but it is refreshing to see a different type of storytelling being used in advertising to engage with such a high-profile brand like Guinness which is clever and intelligent and a departure from the normal style of advertising we are used to seeing from drink brands .




Nick Britton, Guinness Senior Brand Manager, said “We think the new brand creative will resonate with people who are open-minded and alive to opportunity and it will inspire them to never settle for the ordinary. The idea of something being made of more is one that really reflects a shared attitude Guinness has with its drinkers who love the distinctive look and taste of Guinness and aspire to get the most out of every aspect of their lives. It’s not defined by a single age, class or demographic. Guinness has always been synonymous with iconic advertising and this new creative direction for the brand presents great territory to connect with consumers that never settle for the ordinary.”

The Guinness Cloud video is visually lovely but I am not sure if it delivers the key message take a look at the link and see what you think?

Created by AMV BBDO, the campaign celebrates the attitude shared by the brand and its drinkers – getting more out of life by putting more in. The creative, also features print and digital.

„Cloud‟, the first film, directed by award-winning Peter Thwaites from Gorgeous, was shot on location in South Africa in both Johannesburg and along the Durban coastline. It follows the extraordinary journey of a rather unusual cloud, a metaphor to show the amazing things that can happen when we challenge ourselves to make the most of who we are. The film, which will have 90”, 60” and 30” versions, shows a lone cloud breaking away from a cloudy mass, slowing down, no longer blown along by the elements. The cloud chooses its own path, and floats in from the ocean to explore the city below, no longer a simple cloud but something „made of more‟.

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Enjoy Guinness Sensibly

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