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Coca Cola – Content Strategy

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If you want to learn about Digital Marketing look at Coca Cola the most recognizable brand name in the world.  What are they doing in 2020? What are their digital marketing strategies?

Coca Cola is the brand that everyone thinks of affectionately and this childhood favourite brand of mine has posted on YouTube there “Content Strategy” leading up to 2020. If you love marketing and you want some tips from the best then check out this link. I think it is brilliant. We live now in an age where a top brand can post key marketing objectives for everyone to see on YouTube. That is revolutionary behaviour for such a high-profile brand like Coca Cola and it would have been unheard of twenty years ago. I don’t think we fully realise how things are transforming around us daily. I certainly see huge changes and it is all happening very quickly as a result of digital technology.

Not fixated on the recession or worried about a fiscal cliff, Coca Cola are looking into the future and have devised a strategy that embraces all things new in the digital world. With total transparency they have posted this terrific video focusing on a storyline for the brand that totally connects with the consumer. The video starts with a number of marketing chapters demonstrating why Coca Cola is the best-selling number 1 most recognizable brand in the world. Coca Cola is a business model that can be copied and a great example of consistency and forward thinking.These tactics can be adapted and applied to any small business. Forget the recession, plan and look forward into the future.

If you want to learn about “Marketing” then let the best teach you their tips!


To see some examples of Coca Cola Advertising read more……….

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