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Daniella Morison had an unusual journey into Digital marketing she has no formal marketing qualification but a degree in English and buckets of experience working on critical digital marketing campaigns at crucial stages for key brand names like Yahoo, Microsoft: Bing/Microsoft Advertising (MSN) Jury’s Inn Group and now Paddy Power.

We are living in a recession. It is a time in history no one will forget a lot of people are unemployed so I thought I would share this lecture with you on how to get that job that will bring you to new places in your life.

 Here are Daniella Morrison’s CV Tips   

 Get Your CV Right

 How to Market Yourself

Be clear on your value

  • Be active in the online space
  • Volunteer
  • Become a subject matter expert
  • Awareness of current digital trends and opinions on these
  • Events in Dublin – network, discussions,breakfast

Translating your skills

  • Online marketplace
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Clarify of your value proposition
  • Comfortable with trends and patterns
  • How market and internal forces impact digital and marketing
  • Managing partners
  • Managing ambiguity (sometimes!)
  • Telling the story to non digital stakeholders

Strong Digital Candidates

  • Creative & passionate
  • Analytical abilities
  • Micro and macro picture focused
  • Knowledge of the online strategy of the business
  • Suggestions foe improvement
  • Proven ability to manage time/tasks
  • 10 second summary rule
  • Knowledge of current digital trends
  • Don’t underestimate your digital knowledge

Business Challenges Digital solutions

  • Applying digital knowledge to business problems
  • Promoting digital as a strong solution
  • Promoting digital as a cost saving measure
  • Measure success clearly Finance will love you


  • Digital is an area of great opportunity at the moment
  • Your skills are unique and offer value to right employer
  • Never stop noticing and learning how you’re marketed to –and use these as examples to critique
Just around the corner there is “Job” waiting  for you.


Work with paddy.com – Paddy Power JobsDaniella Morisson

Digital Marketing

Daniella Morrison – Ireland | LinkedIn


View Daniella Morrison’s (Ireland) professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn  Daniella Morrison, Planning Manager – Online Marketing Group at Paddy Power 

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