Digital Media

Analysing Survey Results

Panel Based Surveys

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Panel based surveys are effective and an accurate measurement system for television, radio and press. The Internet is highly fragmented. It is better to use sample sizes to represent the behaviour of the much larger internet population. TV and Press are not dead yet. TV has become more engaging with mobile devices. Radio helps to start the day with 85% of the population in Ireland listening to the radio daily which is good news for advertisers. We are all still engaging with traditional methods of communication. Listening, reading and looking are human characteristics that are not extinct just yet. Our communication channels have simply increased with the advent of digital marketing which gives the marketeer new and exciting avenues to reach the new discerning “digital” consumer.

Tools for Panel Data Surveys

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iReach Market Research

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Amarach Research | insights and foresights into Irish consumers

Amárach specialises in all types of market research services.

Here is a sample of a TV and Online survey

tv advertising

radio newAMAS consultancy | strategic communications in digital and

IMI/Amas.ie survey

AMAS consultancy | strategic communications in digital and …A specialist consultancy in Ireland which develops robust strategies for the era of digital marketing and communications.

Google+ page

– Dedicated to the Growth of the Interactive Advertising

IAB – Dedicated to the Growth of the Interactive Advertising 

Global nonprofit group open to companies actively engaged in the sale of interactive advertising and marketing. Membership features IAB events, research tools,



In Ireland July, 2012 demonstrated that a higher percentage of Irish are online when compared to the EU average (80% Ireland- 65% EU)

Irish people are also likely to access the internet using mobile devices with 32% of users in Ireland and 21% in the EU using smartphones to go online.

The phone is now the second heartbeat of the Irish people who just can’t get enough of the Internet.

Test & Measure

Click the measuring tape to see more info on Web Metrics 

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