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I never really had an interest in Facebook and I don’t have a personal Facebook account. When my digital marketing journey began a couple of months ago, I thought this is the right time to learn about Social Media. I created my blog first and then I felt I needed a Facebook page. My niece who is 15 was recruited one Sunday afternoon and she gave me a crash course on Facebook in about 10 minutes and then she went home.

I started with (0) likes, fans, friends or anyone with a heartbeat. I was on my own with a page and a couple of ideas and the journey began with a couple of steps. I picked some images that I liked and searched for a cover that I thought best suited the subject of digital marketing with a futuristic style and twist that would compliment my blog. No pressure, my creative background and my previous marketing experience was really put to the test as I embarked on my first real “Digital Marketing” challenge.

I asked a couple of people I knew to like my page which seems to be the norm when you are starting and then every so often I would get the comment, how is that Facebook page going? with a little giggle as an undercurrent. I thought give me a little time and I will stop that giggle. I was motivated to give some time and attention to Facebook. With Facebook you need at least 30 likes to get metrics so I challenged myself to get 30 likes and then a 1000 likes in order to stop the giggling that was surrounding my efforts.


Success is not always a sign of greatness, it depends on what you really value and what you are measuring success against in your life

You learn by trying and failing and not succeeding and that is what forms your character. My little challenge was to achieve a thousand likes and I found some interesting bits and pieces of information a long the way which I will share in a couple of blogs.  The key message is Facebook Ads work when you connect with your audience, but what is a “like” really worth in this new “digital” Facebook world. Achieving likes is not a problem but what are you going to do with all your new fans and how are you going to develop and grow a long-term relationship with this Fan Club.

Well I achieved more than 30 likes and my Facebook page seemed to snowball a little bit as I put Facebook ads to the test. I more than surpassed my initial set of goals and it was great fun watching the statistics and metrics along the way.

Pershi Rajput from the University of The Punjab made 20,000 likes when she clicked my page yesturday the 3rd of January (I can identify that information with Facebook Website Metrics). Read More ….

Test & Measure

Click the measuring tape to see more info on Web Metrics

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