Digital Media

The Digital Consumer

Test & Measure

Changing consumer behaviour.

The need for brand and personalisation. Digital has forced us to refocus our efforts on the consumer. Everyone is a media owner and it is hard to control the life of a product or service now. A community can make a brand or kill a brand. The journey to the consumer has changed and now we have to use all our resources to connect with the customer on this new path to purchase. The key to your success with any product or brand or service is to test & Measure.

I like people who get straight to the point and this Slideshow by Kyle Lacy hits all the right notes. The marketeer has to be conscious that the customer is hanging out in different social places via the internet and if you want to get engagement you need to nurture a digital relationship with your customers. Embrace change or face the fact that your key branded messages will become swallowed up by empty space. Marketing has changed and “Digital” marketing and Social media are playing a huge part developing long term relationships with the customer directly to their fingertips.

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