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Test & Measure

For a beginner this subject can be quite difficult so I will break down my initial blog into a couple of different blogs in order to give key elements the right level of attention. I will connect the relevent blogs on website metrics with url’s so that you can move from one post to another with ease as you go through the different “Metric” stages.

In the world of online marketing, everything can be measured and using analytics tools makes it fairly easy to track views and conversions.  Nobody likes to think about analysing and measuring digital online marketing. The subject sounds boring and tedious and it can be a little frightening for someone who is just trying to get to grips with the basics.

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In a professional capacity it is essential to always test & measure your digital marketing activity against your budget and objective when you are working on a project or a campaign. It is critical to review:  Visits ,Visitors and Unique Visitors and how your audience interact with your website. The ability to analyse your web activity is the key to creating a successful website and it will add real value to all your digital activities on the internet. We all want our websites to be successful but we have to realise it takes a lot of planning and hard work to develop a website that tics all the boxes and delivers everything in your brief.  

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Design is one element to a website but content and a site’s ability to stand out from the crowd is something that is much harder to achieve and it takes time to build awareness and new business from a new site or an existing website. We are going to discuss different methods which can be used to gather information in order to test if your website is performing.

Test & Measure

Click the measuring tape to see more info on Web Metrics 


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