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A couple of months ago my marketing blog was lacking in content so to run a Google AdWords campaign would have been a waste of time and money as their was not enough information contained in my blog to attract the viewer and create an audience. I thought it would be better to build my WordPress blog to a certain standard and then spend a little bit of money on advertising in order to test Google AdWords and see how effective it really would be at driving traffic to my new digital marketing WordPress website.

The First Steps in Google AdWordsOn the 1st of January I decided to run my first ad campaign and Test & Measure its effectiveness.  I am closely monitoring the results against my Facebook campaign and my WordPress stats. See below the ad that is currently running at the moment.


This Ad campaign started on the first of January

Your ad is now up and running.

It’s official, your AdWords ad is now appearing to people
who search for businesses like yours on Google. Here it is:

Digital Marketing google plus one

Learn the Digital Way
Join the Revolution

This is a small sample of activity under transaction history in Google AdWords which gives you a breakdown of daily clicks to your site against your budget which helps to analyse if your ad campaign is working and delivering the results your require.

imagesweighing scales

Debits (€)
Credits (€)
Balance (€)
January 1, 2013 – Jan 26, 2013
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx €xx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx €xx.xxxxxxxxxx
January 26
Campaign activity 2013 :    151 clicks
1.51 54.87
January 26
Invalid activity
0.16 53.36
January 25
Campaign activity 2013 :     457 clicks
4.57  xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx 53.52
January 24
Campaign activity 2013:      442 clicks
4.42   xxxxxxxx.xxxxxx 48.95
January 23
Campaign activity 2013 :     381 clicks
3.81 44.53
January 22
Campaign activity 2013 :     400 clicks
4.00 40.72
January 21
Campaign activity 2013:      452 clicks
4.52 36.72
January 20
Campaign activity 2013:      443 clicks
4.43 32.20
January 19
Campaign activity 2013:      442 clicks
4.42 27.77
January 18
Campaign activity 2013 :     206 clicks
2.06 23.35
January 17
Campaign activity 2013 :     436 clicks
4.36 xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxx 21.29
January 16
Campaign activity 2013:      289 clicks
2.89 xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx 16.93
January 15
Campaign activity 2013:      183 clicks
1.83 14.04
January 14
Campaign activity 2013:      302 clicks
3.02 12.21
January 13
Campaign activity 2013:      399 clicks
3.99 9.19
January  12 Automatic payment: Visa .xxxxxx 50.00 5.20
red carpet with adwords
This is another graph supplied by Google AdWords that provides an overview of clicks and costs based on your campaign which is extremely important when looking at keywords versus results.
Based on the stats provided by Google AdWords from January 1 2013  until January 26th 2013 you can see 8,310 people clicked on my “Ad” to learn more about what I had to offer (CTR)
Campaign Budget Status Clicks Impr. CTR Avg. CPC Cost Avg. Pos. Labels
Total – all but deleted campaigns 8,310 3,327,970 0.25% €0.01 €xx.xxx 1.1
Total – Search 23 3,080 0.75% €0.26 €5.88 4.1
Total – Display Network 8,287 3,324,890 0.25% €0.01 €xx.xx 1.1
Total – all campaigns €4.00/day 8,310 3,327,970 0.25% €0.01 €xx.xx 1.1

If you would like to try Google AdWords follow the simple steps in the link and test & measure your results

google adword 2

Google AdWords

Mr Google 


Bitly measures the clicks to your website

If you want alternatives to Google AdWords please see link by Lachance Shandrow which I think is very good.

Three alternatives to using Google AdWords


Test & Measure

Click the measuring tape to see more info on Web Metrics 


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