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Hello Digital

We can Tweet, Blog, Facebook, use our mobile phones like never before, access a satellite map of Iraq at the click of a button, read ebooks online, purchase our favourite song for a € on iTunes. Show off our latest iPad with a million and one different app’s to cater for all our needs and drive each other crazy with this new interactive “Digital” age.

Twenty years ago no one had a mobile phone now, we all carry a small little gadget in our pockets, hand bags and trousers, that has become our lifeline to each other. God forbid we should forget our portable piece of plastic or leave it at home. I think our little world as we know it might come to an end. Its become our invisible mobile friend.  When it’s not ringing we want it to ring and when it is ringing we can choose not to talk while we eat in a restaurant, take a bus, a train or shop for tea bags and bread. When we get a text we are delighted and exasperated all at the same time. Something that used to be attached to a curly wire in our kitchen or hall is now a wireless device in our pockets. The inconceivable is now a daily norm in most of our lives. Young people don’t even know any better.

We have become accustomed to our mobile phones and now we just take it for granted. The idea that everyone would be walking down the street with a phone in their hands sounds crazy in theory but it is a modern-day accessory that seems to be glued to everyone’s lives like a pair of shoes we can’t leave home without or we might look poor, strange or naked. We need our piece of technology so that we can feel part of this new Digital World. 

text_walk_1Samsung Galaxy S3 has sold 30 million units in its first 150 days

Samsung Galaxy S3 sales have topped 30 million units, with the iPhone 5 rival topping the latest milestone figure just six months after its official

Never before was trivia so important as it is today in this interactive age. I wonder what people will have in their pockets twenty years from now. It’s an interesting question.

I am not sure if its possible to predict the “digital” future as anything could happen, but I am sure technology will advance at such a rate that by then we will be just as shocked as we are now with our“mobile” friend.

Happy discovering this new Digital World!

Test & Measure

Test & Measure

Test & Measure is my first “Digital Marketing” project for college that covers twelve blogs on the subject of measurement.

Learning to measure digital marketing is not a very exciting subject but I will try to cover the basics in my series of blogs called test & measure. When you are in business it is critical to know how to measure the success of a particular campaign or project.  All businesses want to analyze their spend in relation to their marketing activity. The great thing about “digital” is that everything can be measured.

What is Measurement?

  • Systems to quantify consumer behaviour online
  • Analysis of online audiences, advertising, video,media, word of mouth

A Marketeer needs to connect the dots.

keyboardHow does measurement work?

  • Technology to Analyse activity across a variety of digital platforms
  • Right metrics to be able to connect the dots
  • Put measurement systems in place
  • Start and Finish metrics in between
  • Result=Benchmark against future performance
  • Proof that campaigns are effective (online is a definite measurement verses the Mad Men spoof)

What you need to measure?

  • Tools – technology or software
  • Metrics- performance indicators
  • Resources
  • Budget

Often measurement fails due to lack of resources, budget and not knowing what to measure

Why Bother?

  • Learn what online and offline marketing initiatives are effective
  • See how visitors interact with your brand, channels and properties
  • Allows for targeted advertising campaigns with more measurable results
  • Measurability is a way of quantifying ROI on marketing spend

We all want value for money and in business it is critical that every dollar spent gives a return. If you measure you will learn from what you currently know and then you can decide on what should be measured and what can be ignored.


THE WORLDIt is not a case of one size fits all. You need to decide what you want to measure and then select what works for you. Find where your audience are and go after them. You decide your own KPI’s. Online is ever-changing and there is always going to be a new metric to measure.

Marketing and communications experts learn how to properly measure online.  All companies are different and what one company measures is not necessarily the same as another. But it is important to know what the industry demands from a marketeer.

What are Irish Marketeers doing online?

Irish Analysis

I will use the image of the measuring tape as a tool for my audience to link in and out of my posts directly related to Website Metrics. You can then click on the measurement analysis that suits you and size up what your requirements are for your own business.

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