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BRAND PRO CHOICE IS BIG BUSINESS Oireachtas Committee Rejected the following


1.Full and proper Conscientious rights to medical personnel which would not oblige them to facilitate an abortion….. REJECTED

2. In the wake of the Tuam babies, that there should be the option for the ‘dignified disposal of’ remains when surgically aborted and ensure they are not discarded like clinical waste…REJECTED

3. Pain capable pre born infants over 20 weeks and up to full term (which is permitted in legislation) would be administered pain-relief prior to being killed….REJECTED

4. Late term abortions (past viability of around 6 months and beyond) where the infant survives the abortion, would be provided with medical care and not left to die…..REJECTED (so much for Minister Harris’ promise of ‘early delivery with a full medical team on hand’ during the referendum)

5. Mothers could be offered the possibility of seeing their ultrasound image and listen to her foetal heartbeat……. REJECTED

6. Provision of information about “reversing the effects of abortion-inducing drugs”……REJECTED

7. Provision of alternatives to abortion information with availability of public/private agencies, willing to assist the woman /child during and after birth, including adoption services…..REJECTED

8.Eugenics -amendment to outlaw abortion based on disability/race…..REJECTED

9. Gendercide – ban abortions based on the selection of the baby’s gender…REJECTED

10. Parental/guardian consent sought for underage girls prior to abortion, (as required for all medical procedures anyway) …..REJECTED

11. That no public money be used to pay for abortion, other than cases where there is a risk to the life of the pregnant woman…REJECTED

12. Ban on the sale of bodily remains/organs of a foetus…….. REJECTED

13.Ban on carrying out foetal experiments….. REJECTED

14. Publish an annual statistical report with respect to the incidence of and trends……REJECTED

This is new modern hip trendy Pro Choice IRELAND. The Ireland that offers free Nazi Style abortions wholesale. Brand Pro Choice is the most successful global advertising campaign in history and Ireland has joined the abortion club like no other country in the world . Brand Pro Choice sells the biggest most deceitful lie to the most vulnerable demographic and guess what it makes millions from its female consumers. I hate to break it to you but abortion is a business and like any other business its main goal is profit my any means. I don’t think yes voters voted for this extreme abortion legisaltion that Harris the dictator is implementing.  When you hand the government a blank cheque they write their own rules. Congratulations pro choice you turned the baby in the womb into a consumer brand that can be used and abused and don’t worry the government will profiteer from your wreckless vote and our Minister for Health will sell aborted body parts because a body buried in the ground with dignity has zero value in the Pharma industry . 

It’s a very sad day when Irish politics reduces itself to this barbarism. Is this why they entered politics to murder babies in the womb wholesale???? I’d rather scrub streets. It’s very clear that Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are in bed together re the issue of abortion but these user relationships don’t last and a general election is just around the corner.